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As you can see from my photograph I’m a cat, but not just any cat I’m Rigoletto the world’s greatest cat. I can’t tell my age, you wouldn’t believe it anyway. My very favorite food is olives, the jumbo kind with the little red worm stuffed inside just in case anyone should want to send me some. I live somewhere in the U.S.A., but I’m not allowed to say where. Dad be afraid the town get sued or we get thrown out.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I’m back after several months away due to my Dad’s illness. Dad’s much better and Mom’s now available to help me with the keyboard, as my paws don’t fit those tiny keys. They sure need to make them cat size, think I’ll give Bill Gates a call and ask him to design a keyboard for me.
Dad’s illness fell hard on me because I love him very much as do Baby, Callie and Peppy. My home responsibilities increased especially in the area of security. As you may know I’m Security Chief when my parents are away and at the time of Dad’s illness he asked me to fill in for him and keep Mom and my brother and sisters safe and secure. This kept me quite busy making sure all doors and windows were locked tight at night and then assigning the night watch to my brother and sisters who cooperated without too much fuss. After Dad came home from the hospital our nighttime duties continued but during the day we kept Dad company by crashing on the bed with him just to be certain he was all right.

As Dad got better my duties got fewer and I determined during my free time I’d put myself to studying how to become a better writer. I went online to find the best free writing school on the internet. Most of them didn’t measure up to what I was lookin’ for. I’m a free thinker and I want to develop a style all my own. That’s one reason I joined the Gather group “Free Thinking & Free Writing.” They let you do what you want, so long as it’s legal I guess. Not so them writin’ schools they all want you to do it their way, why they have so many rules for writin’ it’s positively nauseous. I signed up and soon e-mails flooded my in-box, absolutely overloaded it. They all had the same theme I didn’t follow the rules in fact they told me I didn’t have any rules, now that’s just what I was looking for NO RULES! Of course they flunked me big time, now I’m thinking of getting even with them and establishing my own writin’ school thus creating a whole new way of innovative writin’. Free thinking, free writin’ that’s for me.

Just to let you know I received my yearly post card from the lady doctor, my injections are due and Mom says I need a hair, cut standby for further developments.
Catch you next time
God Bless,


Blogger paw search said...

Hair cut!!! Oh no!! A kitty's worst nightmare!!

by the way you should consider posting your adorable pic to this new blog I started!!!

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