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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rigo’s Commentary

The headline screamed, PIRATES ATTACK U.S. NAVY WARSHIP off the coast of Somalia. What craziness is this I asked myself, surely someone got something bad wrong with this story. With my tail wagging I decided to check out the story with another internet newspaper that I trusted only to find the same headline. Could the story be true or have all the reporters put a little something extra into their morning coffee.

With my tail wagging in overtime I began to read about modern day pirates. The stupid pirates actually attacked one of our guided-missile cruisers off the coast of Somalia in a 30-foot fishing boat. These guys must have been eat up with the dumbness I thought. The pirates attacked our navy guys with what appeared to be a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. Oh, these poor guys have been at sea way too long, it don’t take a rocket scientists to figure out they need professional counseling really bad.

And whoever gave them guys that grenade launcher should be thrown in jail. I bet they didn’t even know how to use it. Never the less they fired the thing at our navy and you know our guys ain’t about to sit back and take it from a bunch of crazy pirates. Gunfire was exchanged and the pirates lost. One ended up dead the others were taken aboard our ship, patched up and hopefully sent to a shrink.

I asked myself why our navy didn’t blow the pirates out of the water and end their misery. Then it came to me, missiles cost tons of money and the pirates probably got their boat from Wal-Mart, it would have been a waste of taxpayer dollars. That’s our navy guys, always thinkin’ and lookin’ out for us.

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