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As you can see from my photograph I’m a cat, but not just any cat I’m Rigoletto the world’s greatest cat. I can’t tell my age, you wouldn’t believe it anyway. My very favorite food is olives, the jumbo kind with the little red worm stuffed inside just in case anyone should want to send me some. I live somewhere in the U.S.A., but I’m not allowed to say where. Dad be afraid the town get sued or we get thrown out.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Peppy & The Buzzard

This story has to do with the street cat Peppy. As much as I hate to admit it Peppy’s not really a bad guy he’s just young and full of mischief. If he don’t get killed or carried away he might just prove to be not too bad a guy.

Peppy is an inside/outside cat, as I like to say. Since he lived for two years on his own and survived, Mom will let him go outside while she drinks her coffee and reads her bible in the morning. But this morning while making coffee she kept a check on him. She’d glance out the window and noticed he hadn’t left the patio. Strange she thought but kept puttering around the kitchen. One more glance out the window and Peppy was still on the patio; then she noticed the hair on his back began to bristle. No dog in site what was the trouble quickly she opened the door then ran to grab Peppy. A huge buzzard was sitting on the fence ready to snatch Peppy should he venture into the yard. “Get out of here,” screamed Mom as she ran with Peppy into the house. Looking out the window Mom saw the buzzard flying away he was so big he could have easily picked up poor little Peppy and had him or any other small animal for breakfast.

“That was a close one Mom,” I said, “You think the wind blew him in last night?” “I guess so Rigo,” Mom said near tears. You see we had a bad storm the night before with strong winds, hail and tornado’s flying everywhere. The wind probably blew the old buzzard in town and he ended up in our back yard with Peppy nearly being buzzard bate. Now Mom has become even more over protective of Peppy not letting him out until almost noon hoping I suppose that if the buzzard is still hanging around town he’ll have found his breakfast and won’t fly away with our Peppy.

I’ve been telling Peppy he needs to put on weight but now it seems to be necessary. No bird of any kind could ever fly away with me or Callie they would never get airborne or crash a few feet from the ground then me or Callie would make the feathers fly. I hate birds anyway, especially the killer kind.

That’s all for now folks, catch you next time.

God Bless,


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